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Bulletin March 2015

The Monash Bulletin is a monthly newsletter which Council distributes to each local household. The newsletter includes information about local issues, council services and neighbourhood events. Eleven editions of the newsletter are produced each year, with only one newsletter produced over December and January.

We want to ensure every Monash household receives the Monash Bulletin. Please let us know if you are not receiving the Bulletin by contacting Jenny Luzza, Communications Coordinator, on 9518 3619 or at

Each edition of the Monash Bulletin is translated into three languages: Greek, Chinese and Italian.

Greek Edition  |  Chinese Edition  |  Italian Edition

Email distribution list

If you would like to be emailed a link to the Monash Bulletin as soon as it is published each month, please ask to be added to our email distribution list. You can do this by emailing Jenny Luzza, Communications Coordinator, at

Monash Bulletin 2015

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  • Please note: The version of this newsletter which is being delivered to local households includes an incorrect contact phone number on page 4 ("Caring for our environment" story). Council apologises for this error. The correct phone number is published in this online version.

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    Monash Bulletin - February 2015 (1,510 Kb)

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