Public Question Time

Residents and ratepayers are able to submit questions in writing for Council to answer at its monthly meetings.

Questions must be received by noon on the last working day before the Council meeting. The deadline for questions is usually noon on the Monday before the Tuesday meeting.

One question per person, per Council meeting will be accepted. Up to 20 minutes is provided for Public Question Time towards the start of each meeting.

The total length of a question (including any background information) should not exceed 100 words.

Questions must relate to a matter on the agenda of that evening's Council meeting or on the agenda of the previous Council meeting.

A question may be delivered:
  1. in person at the Civic Centre, 293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley and deposited in the box which is located near the Customer Service counter on the Ground Floor of the Civic Centre
  2. by fax (on 9518 3444) or posted to Council's Civic and Governance Coordinator, Nick Andrianis, PO Box 1 Glen Waverley, 3150
  3. by e-mail to, with the words "Public Question Time" and the date of the Council meeting, in the subject box of the e-mail.

Details of the submitter's name and address must be included.

The following procedure applies in the Council Chamber in relation to questions submitted:
  1. The Mayor will announce that the Council will 'move' into 'Public Question Time'.
  2. If a question has been received, the Mayor will ask if the person submitting the question is present in the Public Gallery.

    2a. If the person is present, they will be asked if they wish to read out their question or have it read out on their behalf by a Council Officer. The Mayor or a designated Council Officer will then read out Council's response.

    2b. Where the person submitting the question is not present during Public Question Time, a written response to their question will be forwarded to them.
  3. There is no provision in the procedures of the meeting for debate on any questions received or Council's response to such questions.

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Last updated: 10 February 2015

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