Governance History of the City of Monash and Its Predecessors

On 13 December 1994, along with nearly all other councils in the outer south-eastern area of Melbourne, the City of Waverley was abolished. It was merged into the newly-created City of Monash along with most of the former City of Oakleigh, as part of the State Government's amalgamation of Councils.

As a service to its community and in acknowledgement of the service of past Mayors and Councillors, the Council has decided to establish a former Councillors and Mayors section of the Monash Council website, to consist of the following:

- the names, wards and terms of office of all former Councillors of the cities of Monash, Waverley and Oakleigh; and
- the names, wards and terms of office of all former Mayors of the cities of Monash, Waverley and Oakleigh.

The information is to be presented in a chronological sequence and by the city represented.

It will also be updated at the conclusion of every term of the Council.

Advice from acknowledged local historian Helen Gobbi, and the Oakleigh and Waverley Historical Societies is being sought in obtaining information on the former Cities of Waverley and Oakleigh.

While a considerable amount of information has been collected over the years by the two historical societies, there is still a considerable amount of work to be done to clarify and confirm details so that accurate information may be presented.

The page containing information on the Councillors and Mayors of the City of Monash represents the first instalment of the historical information on Monash and its predecessors.

This information includes a brief profile of the Monash Mayors.

The information on the Mayor and Councillors of Monash will be updated annually.

Enquiries regarding the governance history of the City of Monash and the former Cities of Oakleigh and Waverley can be made to the Council's Coordinator Civic and Governance, telephone 9518 3696.

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Last updated: 19 August 2013

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