Annual Community Satisfaction Survey

Each year, Monash residents are surveyed to check their satisfaction with Council's performance and services. Council appreciates the community feedback it receives through the Community Satisfaction survey. The survey helps Council identify which of its services or activities need to be improved.

About 400 Monash residents participate in the survey, which is conducted by telephone, generally in February/March.

The survey is conducted across Victoria, with most councils participating. It is coordinated by the Victorian Department for Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure.

As Council has participated in the survey since 1998, a bank of data has been developed which enables Council to monitor its performance over time. Council is also able to compare its performance to similar councils in the Inner Metropolitan council grouping.

In 2014, the Community Satisfaction survey identified that Monash Council needed to improve its consultation and communications. Council will be stepping up its performance in both of these areas. For more information, here is a media release.

Survey Report 2014

Survey Report 2013

Summary of Survey Reports 2012-1998

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Last updated: 24 July 2014

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