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Dogs and cats provide great companionship for people of all ages, but owning a pet also involves serious responsibilities.

As well as looking after the health and happiness of your pet, you must also ensure that your dog or cat fits successfully into your neighbourhood and local environment.

Seek advice about the most appropriate pet for your circumstances and avoid impulse purchase or adoption of a pet.


Monash City Council's controls require dogs to be on leads (not exceeding 1.5 metres) in public places at all times except in the 31 designated "off lead" areas in the municipality.

Living with dogs and cats: A guide for owners and non-owners


Cats are prohibited from entering the following environmentally sensitive parks:
  • Valley Reserve (map 70 F2)
  • Damper Creek Reserve (map 61 D10)
  • Fairway Reserve (map 70 E5)
  • Portsmouth Reserve (map 61 F12)
  • Gardiners Reserve (east of creek channel) (map 60 J8)

Living with dogs and cats A guide for owners and non-owners

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Last updated: 18 November 2014

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