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Note: For your assurance, all online payment options being offered utilise secure and compliant payment channels.

Via Australia Post

MyPost Digital Mailbox

  • Rates - Biller Code: 0547
Only rate payments can be made at this time. You can:
  • register and elect to receive rate notices electronically
  • schedule the payment
  • use bank accounts and/or credit cards to make payment.

Post Billpay - Pay (new tab/window)
  • Rates - Biller Code: 0547
  • Dog or Cat Registration - Biller Code: 0337
  • Home Care - Biller Code: 2314

Remember to enter your Post Billpay Code and Post Billpay Reference Number and then enter the amount and your payment details as displayed.

Payments by: Bankcard, MasterCard, Visa or AMEX.

Via BPay

Website: BPay
  • Rates - Biller Code: 1826
  • Dog or Cat Registration - Biller Code: 958777
  • Home Care - Biller Code: 958769

Payments by: Cheque or Savings Accounts, Debit Card, Bankcard, Visa or MasterCard.

Other Payment Options

Refer to your Rate Notice, Homecare Invoice or Dog and Cat Registration for other payment options:
  • By Mail
  • At Australia Post
  • By Telephone Credit Card
  • At Council Offices

Direct Debit Online - Rate Payment Only

Apply Online for Direct Debit and be able to View Your Rate Bill Online (new tab/ window)


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Last updated: 25 February 2015

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